Motivation for Success

Here is a REALLY honest confession of mine:

I am an Ezine Junky. Yep. I subscribe to any fitness, nutrition, self-help, cookbook, thing-a-majig that flies past my little eyes… and I LOVE IT! So, this morning I had a link to some great QUICK READ quotes that can inspire us all! These things aren’t just about food, or body, but for our LIFE. We were meant to take risks and succeed, but somehow we have overcomplicated the path of success…

Quick example: Goal: Lose “weight”

Simple Solution: Eat Whole Foods. Enjoy what you eat. Eat when you’re hungry. Add in good habits. -DONE!

Modern Day Solution: Go on Grapefruit diet for 2 weeks, switch to low carb, then shuffle your calories. Make sure I exercise 2 days in a row, one day off, one day on (heavy weights) one day off, and then the next day do mix of cardio and weights. Now don’t for the the 38 pills the 10 different “experts” told you to take, and take the first 5 before breakfast, 10 after, and the rest at night… Wrap yourself in plastic and sit in the sun- it will help you lose weight. Oh, and if you eat that cookie, you’re punishment is 1 hour on the treadmill.


We become obsessive over food, compulsive eaters, overly concerned with our body, and we MISS OUT on the life God has given us! Think about all the time you could be spending doing GOOD THINGS. If we start doing things for others, doing things that mean something, I BET you will be so satisfied on the inside, that FOOD is not an issue anymore.

For me the realization was the fact that I could be spending more quality time with my son. I found myself dismissing him and telling him to go play so I could be selfish and do things I want to do…I could be outside playing baseball or soccer, walking the dogs, instead of mindlessly obsessing over what to eat, or wear, or look like, or making sure I get my second hour in at the gym- 

I thank God for showing me these lessons, and I am such a better person today that ever. However, I still need the motivation… so check out the link !

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