Who Needs A Nutrition Consultant?

The most common question I get after meeting someone new and telling them I am a nutrition consultant is: “What type of needs do your clients have, Tiffany?”  I take a deep breath and pause for a moment so I can formulate a clear, concise response, which ends up being different every single time and usually not that short (ha!).  

The reality is that I see a large range of clients of all ages, each with their own needs, goals, concerns, and issues. Each one is unique and many of them have already tried many approaches, both natural and conventional to relieve their suffering. Each individual receives my personalized attention. I research and review their detailed health history, suggest additional testing (when warranted) to complete the picture.  It is important to me to demonstrate that I really do care as much as they do.  

About 80% of my clients are actually very intelligent and well educated about their condition—or at least have set themselves the goal of educating themselves about what ails them. I really appreciate this because it means that we end up working together, rather than me creating a “plan” and sending them on their way.  I prefer staying in touch through updates and regular feedback which enables me to use the client’s intuition and insights as a guide.

 I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a few interesting recent client profiles:

  • Middle-age female athlete wanting to try a Keto (ketogenic) diet for mental clarity benefits and fat loss.
  • 10 year old boy with autism and heavy metals.
  • 19 year old female, recovering from eating disorder(s).
  • 50 year old female with severe GERD (acid reflux), not wanting to take Rx antacids, looking for root cause; tried many doctors and practitioners with no success; after one meeting together, we found she had SIBO. We are dealing with this naturally, using functional nutrition, supplements and herbal protocols. 
  • 44 year old female professional, high-stress lifestyle, dealing with recurrent candida, SIBO, and multiple food sensitivities; complained of GI issues, fatigue, and weight gain. In addition to functional nutrition, we are utilizing Cyberscan for additional identification of imbalances.
  • 60 year old woman with new and sudden gastrointestinal symptoms making it difficult for her to travel and enjoy retirement because she needs to not eat, or, make sure a bathroom is within a 2 minute distance.
  • 36 year old A-type female with hormonal imbalance, early menopausal symptoms, weight gain, fatigue, and brain fog. She knows quite a bit, but couldn’t prioritize self-care (diet), and wasn’t sure where to start. Diet was not a priority and she needed help with food balance and supplementation. 
  • Several men and women seeking help with weight loss, looking for a better understanding of why their current diets aren’t working.
  • 38 year old male with autoimmune diseases and new diagnosis of celiac/ gluten sensitivity.
  • 55 year old male recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and not sure where to start; wife also came to our consultations as support.
  • 65 year old recent liver transplant, desiring to live a “healthier” lifestyle and manage side effects.
  • Recovering cancer patient looking for energy and weight management, along with some hand holding on new healthy lifestyle.
  • 65 year old woman suffering from multiple co-infections due to Lyme Disease. Severely underweight, food sensitivities, IBS-D, etc. She cannot take any more Rx antibiotics and is working on natural approaches to improve her immune system (which is KEY with Lyme Disease); also using Cyberscan to evaluate.

I hope this gives you an idea of who could benefit from seeing a nutritional consultant, ordering functional lab testing and practicing functional nutrition to address a wide range of health related goals and concerns.  

If you want to find out if working with me is a good fit for you,  please feel free to book your first free consultation in-office or via Skype. 

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