Paleo FAQ’s


What does “Paleo” Mean?

Paleo Diet:  the “Paleolithic Period”- Hunter Gatherers, Cavemen, pre-agriculture

Adapting their eating habits. Grains only existed 10,000 years ago- Agriculture Revolution. Sometimes referred to as a Primal or Caveman Diet.

Why should I eat what cavemen ate? Didn’t they all die young?

Anthropologists have determined that most of the population lived to actually a very old age if they dodged the environmental hazards, or birth trauma.   They lived with increased quality of years in life.  More mobile, fit, and lucid than anyone today.

What can I not eat on the Paleo diet?

  • Sugar
  • Man-made processed foods
  • Grains, breads, cereals
  • Legumes- including peanuts
  • Dairy- for strict Paleo diets, raw/ full fat is best if consumed at all.

So what is left to eat then?

-Meats- only refers to: (proper omega 3-6 ratio’s 3:1)  (Grain fed is 20:1= inflammatory)

  • Grass-Fed animals.
  • Wild Caught Fish
  • Organically-raised in humane environments.


-Lots of Vegetables: Organic

-Some fruit

-Some nuts and seeds

-Water: Plenty of it

-Fats: GOOD QUALITY: avocado, coconut, healthy meat’s fat, olive oil, butter (grass-fed or raw), ghee

-Fermented Food: any and all you can get.

Where do I get my carbs?

Mainly Root Vegetables: sweet potatoes, taro root, even beets.

TIP: IF you decide to include grains at some point in your diet- be sure they are GLUTEN FREE GRAINS ONLY.  Gluten wreaks havoc on your body, leading to weight gain and inflammation…causing diseases.

What is the Paleo lifestyle really mean?

Eat REAL food.  Move often. Lift heavy things. Enjoy life. Find time for relationships, rest and play!

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