Salmon Cucumber Rolls (gluten free, paleo) with a dairy-free option

Quick and Easy

Salmon Cucumber Rolls

I use this recipe for a quick snack, low-carb meal, or appetizer when entertaining paleo style! You can’t really do it wrong, it always turns out delicious, even if it is simple! It’s gluten free, and you *can* make it dairy free by omitting or substituting the single dairy ingredient.


Easy Directions:

  1. Using a mandoline or knife, slice the cucumber length wise, very thin.
  2. Lightly spread Crème fraîche (if desired) onto the cucumber slice. 
  3. Sprinkle dill on top.
  4. Layer on one salmon slice thick.
  5. Roll evenly, and add capers, allowing them to “sit” on top, and inside. (see picture).
  6. Lastly, SQUEEZE the lemon over all! This makes ALL the difference!




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