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I just returned from my trip to Maui. This was my second time on this island, but a completely different experience! Everyone asks how your vacation was… and I simply respond “you can’t have a bad time in Hawaii”, right?  

Grand Wailea

I thought I’d post some locations, links, and pictures of the delicious locations we dined at that might help ease any stress around eating gluten-free in Maui. Truly, I felt it was incredibly easy to eat gluten-free here. My step-son has celiac disease as well, therefore finding kid-friendly gluten-free establishments was important to us.  I will warn you that just because it’s gluten-free, and I ate there, doesn’t mean it was all healthy! This was not a low-carb or paleo vacation for me… thankfully, we were active all day long and I can handle the carbs (up to a point). 

My first recommendation would be to stay at a resort that is aware and helpful with food allergies. We stayed at the Grand Wailea, and I am not sure if I’m able to really explain just how amazing this property was for so many reasons. Not only did they have gluten-free menu’s at their restaurants and an educated staff, but they also prepared us separate gluten-free luau meals (others ate from the buffet).

The property had two dining locations that provided designated areas for gluten-free food that included separate toasters for the gluten-free bread,individually wrapped Udi’s gluten-free muffins, and as part of the breakfast buffet, offered gluten-free pancakes (that were corn-based) not that great tasting, but it was the thought that counts!  I could go on an on, but aside from the attentiveness to food allergies, this IS the best resort you will find for families in Maui- hands down. Oh and yes, I did do the ALL of the water slides, but didn’t quite make it to the rope swing:)


Gluten-free Vegan Breadfruit Cacao Pie.

At the hotel is a fine dining restaurant named after the State fish: Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, they provided us with gluten-free rolls before dinner, and offered changes for a great gluten-free meal.  I opted for a vegan and gluten-free dessert made from Hawaiian Breadfruit- so delicious.



Gluten-Free Maui Restaurant Suggestions:

Maui Brick Oven- a 100% Gluten-free Restaurant.  Yes! If you miss fried or battered foods, this is your place.  Here are some pics of the onion rings, and my son’s gluten-free pizza (don’t judge- he loves pineapple on his pizza).

“Maui Brick Oven exists because everyone deserves great food” – Located in Kehei (not far from Wailea).  

GF onion rings pizza My next recommendation would be in Wailea:

Manoli’s Pizza Co- probably the best pizza GF crust I’ve ever had.

They don’t charge extra for Gluten-free, but they only have a 12-inch size for the Gluten-free (PLENTY for almost 2 people).


Manoli’s GF Pizza- the “Personal Trainer” pizza (the healthy works)


Sansei Sushi 

They have 4 locations, 2 on Maui. (I am surprised there aren’t more sushi restaurants in Maui).

Sansei  has San-J Wheat Free Tamari, just ask for it. Most of us non-gluten eaters can have the simple vegetarian rolls and the Nigiri sushi and Sashimi. However, I did ask and receive a Rainbow Roll- they substituted REAL CRAB (yes the artificial crab in California Rolls contains gluten).  They charge more, but I get to eat a real roll and it tastes so much better than the fake stuff anyway!20130428-231057

Other favorites:

  • Monkeypod in Kehei- award winning chef. A few GF options. Delicious lobster deviled eggs!


Be ready to stand in line for a while- a very popular place. You order up front, find a table, then they deliver it to your table.  No gluten-free specific alternatives, but they offer eggs, potatoes, hashbrowns, fruit, etc.

They stocked a whole refrigerator of the famous Maui Sugar Shop’s gluten-free and vegan treats! (Store located in Lahaina). I didn’t buy anything, as I’ve had my fair share of sugar and carbs at this point of the trip, but I wish I had room! (Drool).

IMG_0458 IMG_0457

and of course, you can’t leave Hawaii without the BEST shaved ice:

Local Boys (in Kihei and Lahaina)

Yes say YES to everything they ask you upon ordering. Ice cream on bottom? YES. Cream on top? YES. Just do it. Trust me. Bring your Lactaid pills- so worth it.

Here are some other resources I found super helpful in navigating Gluten-free locations in Maui:

I hope this helps you plan and guide your next trip to Maui!



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