Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Cookies

Today is a day everyone in America can celebrate. A day to share love, thoughtful words, flowers, gifts, and yummy treats! My son especially loves Valentine’s day, because he knows mom is going to make something yummy, and spend some special time with him. Today I made his fourth grade class Sugar Cookies- per his request:-) These Organic Gluten-Free sugar cookies are TEN TIMES better than a “gluten full” cookie! I used a pre-packaged mix from Pure Pantry. Why try to fix something if it’s not broken? This mix is delicious, easy, and puts those other junk filled cookies to shame! Later today I’ll be posting the Recipe of the week- perfect for Vday: Flourless chocolate cake with Raspberry Sauce. Get ready to indulge!

Share some love and Gluten-free goodness today.
Lots of Love to you <3,

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